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Instructor: Dr. Öğr. Üyesi  Ä°. Baran  USLU  (part-time)

E-mail: baran.uslu@atilim.edu.tr

Lab.  Assistant: N. Yağmur  KÜÇÜKKARA

E-mail: n.yagmurkucukkara@cankaya.edu.tr


Lecture Notes and a Sample Exam have been shared on Webonline-ECE246.

Dr. Baran USLU 

  • IMPORTANT!!  The Answers of Laboratory Homework 2 were uploaded to the website.  (In The ANNOUNCEMENTS  Part)

  • Laboratory Final Quiz Notes  were  uploaded  to  the  website  (In  the  ANNOUNCEMENTS  Part)

  • Laboratory  Quiz  Notes  were  uploaded  to  the  website        ( In the ANNOUNCEMENTS  Part)                                       

  • IMPORTANT!!!:  This  week,  The  Laboratory  Final  Exam will  be  held. (May 15  2019, Wednesday & May 16  2019, Thursday)  Everyone needs  to  take  the  laboratory  final  exam  at  designated  hours!!   

              The List Of Laboratory Exam


  • IMPORTANT!!!:    The  Answers  of  Laboratory  Homework  were  uploaded  to  the  website.    (In The  ANNOUNCEMENTS  Part)