New- Resit Exam will be done on june 19

Time: 15:00

Place: Central campus - L111


Make-up exams for II midterm and final will be done on June 4


Place: Central campus - HA05


NEW- 2nd Midterm-Results

NEW- Laboratory Attendance


Attention Please

make-up exam will be held on May 2 2018 - 09:00.

Place: Rektörlük (Balgat)



Midterm exam results


There will be 4 extra laboratory sections in this week in order to compensate the previous. Here, you can choose the time interval you want: 

Monday 15:20-17:10 (H-332)

Tuesday 15:20-17:10 (H-334)

Thursday 11:20-13:20 (H-332)

Thursday 15:20-17:10 (H-332)